A one-stop-shop hat manufacturer with innovative design, prolific infrastructure, expertise and most importantly, passion.

The Bless Story
Established in 1992, The Bless Group stems from a ‘blessing’ to the founders. Passed down through generations, this blessing lends a hand in creating a well- established garment factory.

As their hat division grew, Bless became an all-in-one manufacturer that houses embroidery, rotary printing and all necessary machines to meet the growing demand of today’s hat industry. Through an enhancement of quality and efficiency, The Bless Group stands tall today as a perfect bridge where ‘passion meets perfection.’


Being the least glamorous part of bringing forth any product or hat collection, Bless has taken the necessary steps to ensure that ‘the bless way’ is kept simple, straight to the point and pleasant. Bless starts the process at design, where they fully immerse clients in the process and create their imagination of the perfect hat. They continue this by providing clients with the chance to pick from their rare and uncommon materials.


Picking from an array that’s not usually provided is one of the key features of ‘The Bless Way.’ Next comes the manufacturing process and lastly the most important quality control. This one-stop-shop has become the expert at using innovative design, material and quality processes to ensure that each client experiences a well thought out skill and approach to each unique request.

Passion and determination are contagious. We believe in having a
positive and optimistic attitude through all our creations.

The Process


The first stage of our business cycle is the design and creation, during which the product design team develops and elaborates a brand's identity or collection. A thoughtful process goes into dictating which style and elements are required to benefit the use of the hat. A perfect sample is then produced for clients to test it and envision their product as a whole.


After the design has been finalized, the material comes into play. Known for utilizing differentiating materials, Bless keeps their choices at par with International standards. Teams are encouraged to seek improvements in searching for materials that match the use of each hat and also to increase the percentage of sustainable materials used.

Quality Control

Quality control is carried out during the entire process of production and high standards of quality management are implemented through out. Although quality serves as an integral of all manufacturing processes, with producing a cap a three inspection system is strictly enforced to ensure clients are delivered the goods they are promised. These three key features are: self-test process, QC inspection and mutual inspection after completion.

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